I want to get guitar pro to synchronize to start with a music player. So I can hear the real song and watch the notes on the screen move. But obviously they need to start together. I use winamp but am willing to use any music player, anyone ever heard of a way to do this or kno how to already. Thanks
Why do you want to do that?

You should develop your ear if you can't hear the relation between the song and the midi playback.

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I guess the only way to do this is to actually have superhuman synchronization to start both at the same time. And also, it happens very often that tabs (even with guitar pro) aren't 100% accurate. You're better off learning with both seperately. It will develop your ear, and after some time, you'll ear those little errors that are in the tabs, and you'll be able to correct them.

While writting this, I thought of a way to do it easily ... use a screen recorder to record the tabs playing, import it in something like windows movie editor or whatever, remove the sound if there's any, and put the song over it. Fight against your computer for about 15 mins to synch it perfectly, and just play the video.
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