we're copyrighting our songs but we really have no idea on how to say this in a very polite and legal way:

[insert song] is a song by [my band]
lyrics by [me]
arranged by [me, drummer, guitarist], but performed by [medummerguitarist] AND bassist.

we just got a new bassist and we're not really comfortable giving him rights to it, cause he's new, and he DIDNT REALLY WRITE THE SONGS with us. we just made him listen to the songs for him to learn, and even if he IS the bassist, we don't really wanna give him the rights to the song since its just us 3 who worked on the song.

any ideas? is it clear enough or should i rephrase I'm really having a hard time explaining this, i've been having a hard time explaining this not just to you guys, but also to my friends. hopefully you guys understand this. thanks.
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Who wrote the music? Vocal melodies, main chord progressions, riffs? Usually you say who wrote music, who wrote lyrics; and arranging is separate to those two.

Say "performed by [band]" rather than detail everyone in it.
You don't need "performed by" in your copyright. Have you actually looked at the copyright form? It just asks composer information.


It's the form for "Sound Recording." I think you may be able to use Form CO.
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