i had 4 wisdom teeth pulled didnt hurt to much for me only when i was eating but i got allot of painkillers which i shouldve taken 1 each day, but i took like 3 so yeah its all good.
I haven't had it done but i heard the real pain is gone after like 3 or 4 days
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Yeah I had wisdom teeth out on monday this sucks. I also had two other teeth that were growing in the middle of my mouth taken out so Im really bored and it hurts. How long does this crap last on the usual?

the initial swelling 2 or 3 days , about a week before your mouth start to feel normal again
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I still have my wisdom teeth, and they rock.
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It depends if they had to file on your jaw bone to get them out.
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give it a long weekend, enjoy the meds. i shoulda had mine out 20 yrs ago. and it took a few days to feel better. once better, go have a steak or something
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i am just finishin gettin mine in.....they hurt like a bitch coming in...but at least i don't have to have them out
pain is gone in a few days,

but it sucks for like 2-3 weeks

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if you cant eat much, get some mashed potatoes.

wayyyy more filling than jello and ice cream.
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I ate food the same day that I got mine out.

There was pain for a few days though, and it took about two weeks for the stitches to dissolve/fall out.
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what exactly are your wisdom teeth? (i don't know cuz im only 13)
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I just got my wisdom teeth out a week before you. (the monday before the jan 5.) Right now I can eat normally, but the wounds aren't completely healed. I had oxycodone and I took like the whole bottle in 5 days. Then I took my mom's bottle for something she had done is 2005. It was awesome. I was really, really dizzy, but I felt really happy. It hurts a lot at first. I was constantly hungry because I could only eat mashed potatoes and most of the time I didn't feel like it.
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*scared* My wisdom teeth are coming in now. D: wah
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When did everyone get theirs??
im 20 and mines not in yet wtF!!!!!!!!!!

You may not need to get yours taken out..I havent had the need to. And I believe my wisdom teeth has grown out a little because I have had the symptoms of the growth of my wisdom teeth.
I'm turning 22 this year btw.
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i had mine removed a couple of days ago. the lower half of my face was completely numb for several hours after the surgery, and it hasn't hurt at all since the feeling first came back.

haven't felt pain at all thanks to the pills, but damn my jaw is swollen.
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My wisdom teeth have been giving me grief.

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if you cant eat much, get some mashed potatoes.

wayyyy more filling than jello and ice cream.

Yes they are i ate them last night. The pills are great I take them at night and in the morning. The whole not being able to brush my teeth and dry lips are the worst part of the whole thing I think... Thanks for all the help guys...

And to all who dont have to do this youre all lucky
I think my wisdom teeth are causing my jaw not to close correctly. It's like my teeth don't clutch together good. Whatever~
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