I've owned this head for a few months. Got it new from Sam Ash and still have the box, manual, footswitch, and footswitch cable that it came with, of course. The amp is basically in new condition and only the footswitch has some scratches as I played a couple shows with it. Perfect working order, tubes are great, etc. Can get pictures if you need them.

$1,050 SHIPPED. Located in CT and available for pickup if you're close enough.. Send me your zip code and I can find out shipping. Amp is located in CT and pickup would be awesome if you're close.
Not unless you've got an Orange head. I'm selling it because the sound doesn't work too well with my current band's music so I'm picking up an Orange. I love this 6505+, I just can't afford both. If it was more of a hard rock/metal band, I wouldn't even consider getting rid of it.
id buy it but im poor/live in the uk
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Quote by mosherhamish
id buy it but im poor/live in the uk

Well that sucks. BTW, it's $1,050 SHIPPED (in the USA). I just ask for zip code so I can figure out shipping costs for myself.