I need some help tuning my guitar,.. and getting teh sound that I want.

I have a BOSS TU15 and i don't know what setting I can use to make the tuning go down to DGCFAD.
any help would be appreciated .

And also, I'm a huge fan of All That Remains, and I'm trying to learn the song Six.
Does anyone know what settings I can use on my setup to make my playing sound like Oli Herbert (Lead Guitarist from All That Remains))..? .

Thankkk youu verrr muchh :]
Easy, you don't need a tuner setting for this! he tuner is set to EADGBE and what you want is one whole note down from that! Simply finger the second fret on each string (vs open) and tune the string to the tuners standard tones. So when you now play the open strings they are DGCFAD.
Moving on.....
set it to chromatic
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ohh.. thanks everyone

It's all sorted now...

Now all i have to do is make my guitar sound like Oli's,. hmm...