Can anyone give me a suggestion for a guitar. I was really set on a Ibanez since as guitar tastes are maturing I'm starting to like them. I play Metal like Megadeth,Metallica,Static-x,Pantera,Godsmack,Disturbed,Black Sabbath,Ozzy,Judas Priest,Drowning Pool,and Demon Hunter. I also play Classic Rock AC/DC, GNR, The Who,and Ted Nugent. I also play Blues. And I play Alternative/Punk Rock Sum 41,Blink182,Linkin Park,Thousand Foot Krutch,and Three Days Grace.
If anyone can make suggestion it will be helpful. My budget is $350. But I also like other guitars Epiphone, Dean,ESP LTD,and Schecter.
Probably a Ibanez RG would be good.
Even if I REALLY hate them...I heard they're versatile.
Otherwise...a LP can't harm anyone right?
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