I have decided to change the strings on my ESP from 10s to 12s.

My question is, after such a change, would I need to adjust the truss rod because of the added pressure on the neck?
It's a tune-o-matic bridge so I am not worried about that. I just need to know if I will need to tighten the truss rod after changing the strings.


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You might have to tweak it just a bit, I agree. One thing I would advise checking, is your stop bar on your Tune-O-Matic tightened all the way to the body? If so, I would advise raising it some before you put the new strings on. When its tightened all the way to the body the string angle is larger between the stop bar and bridge/saddles, which puts a LOT of tension on the body of your guitar especially if you go with that thick of string. That book "How to make your electric guitar play great" touches on the topic, saying its the number one cause for bridge collapses in Tune-O-matic guitars.
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Your changing string gauges, are you also changing tuning? If so the change in tuning will help accomodate some of the tension differences.
yeah i have played 10-60s in standard and my neck felt liek it was gonna snap you just need to adjust the truss rod till it goes ok.

if its in a drop tuning you got no problems there if its like drop B etc. the neck should be fine
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