i've played for 15 years in standard tuning, drop d, drop c, whole step down. i pondered recently why. do we tune down to sound heavier? or is to match vocal styles. what is the main reasons for tuning your guitar down?
it sounds more brutal


jus get a general lower sound. Its more fiting to have a downtuned guitar if the singer has a low deep voice
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and chunkier

although death magnetic is all in standard i think
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everything you said.. to sound heavier, to make it more brutal, and to match vocals, especially low screaming
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and chunkier

although death magnetic is all in standard i think

Why do you think it's completley soft and mainstream?

Standard can sound just as heavy as Drop A/B/Whatever you like.
But I rather singing to match a downtuned guitar.
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to sound heavier and make metal powerchords easier to play like

drop d

this is easier than playing
in standard tuning
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Sorry to rehash an old thread, however I'm curious as well.

I drop down to D quite often as well. It inspires a whole differnt mode and note selection for me. Jamming with a drummer and without a bass player, it really fills the low end and the rythm side of things.

But I ask, at what point is low TOO low on the guitar? Like dropped A on seven string just eliminates 104 of 109 notes on a 24 fret bass (of course you could drop the bass too). Would a bass player mind getting his toes stepped on all the time or is it a lack of bass player skill?

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