So, on my second day at school im told I have to write an entire composition in 6 weeks .

It has to be classed as 'metal' somehow, because I also have to do record a cover, which they did last term, and the only 2 songs I know all the way through at the moment are metal.

I'm awful at writing vocals, and whenever I do try and write stuff it comes out more bluesy than anything else. Can anyone suggest a scale, or any kind of anything else, to help make this less painful?

Thanks very much UG!

I did this last year. I'm sure it doesn't have to be metal and can be an instrumental. Anyway 6 weeks is easily enough time.

Also you could be heavily blues influenced metal. Try Minor and Harmonic minor scales. Do you happen to be just using the pentatonic minor?
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The integrated assignment? Tell me what the briefs for this year are
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don't scream whatever you do, they'll hate it

I doubt you're going for something original, so just stick to a harmonic minor scale. Personally, I like Ab. So there you go, Ab harmonic minor

Are you sure you need to do a full band instrumental? and are you sure it has to be metal?

My friend did gcse music last year, and he had to write a trumpet piece in the style of mozart :S

slightly different...
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don't scream whatever you do, they'll hate it

Probably, although as long as it fulfills the brief and it is explained why screaming is used, it can't be marked down.
It has to be in the style of your recorded piece. Which in my case is metal.

I'm definetly not screaming or putting anywhere that says 'scream here' or whatever in my writing...And I'll have a look at the harmonic minor scale...i dunno it yet which is quite bad xP

Thanks for your replies.

I also did the same thing last year. I'm sure it doesn't have to be metal (at least not completely). My composition went threw 4 styles, its started of piano and acoustic stuff, then went in2 Irish music then rock and ended in a metal style and this was all an intrumental btw.

Imo i wouldn't add any screaming/growling vocals to your composition, just because you never know what kinda age or person the examiner is and might be completely put off by it.

My advice for you to tackle the task of writing the song is 1st think of what you want the composition to do....like do you want it to go threw different styles?....or have it completely as a metal song? (which is perfectly fine).

If you chose metal style think of how the piece is developed. All you need is a few good riffs and a couple of solos and you'd be done.

Pick a layout such as:

Verse 1 (riff 1)
Chorus (riff 2)
Verse 2 (riff 1)
Solo 1 (riff 2 + blues solo over it?)
Verse 2 (riff 1)
Solo 2 (riff 1 + solo)

And as long as you show development between the riffs, you should do great.

Good luck.
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I'm on OCL

Chord progression:

Wondering what key that would be? Im kinda assuming E, as it's the root note and occurs twice...but im still not that good at chord/key theory so...

Yes, E minor.
Quote by a_man
Yes, E minor.

No the chord progression isn't minor,
E = E,G#,B
G = G,B,D
A = A,C,E
E = E,G#,B
C = C,E,G
B = B,D#,F#
Which leaves you with
Which gives no scale, so I'm assuming you meant powerchords or:
EDIT: Which gives E minor
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^ i had actually assumed it was either all V chords (E5,A5 etc etc) or if not then i'd call the C# and G# accidentals and still call it e minor since the root voicings all take place in that key.
^ I'll explain to you,
In my post I looked at what scale it could be, but you posted E,G,A,E,C,B as chord progression so I assumed you meant all the E,G,A,E,C and B major chords since you didn't put E5 (A powerchord) or Em (E minor) or anything else.
So I took all notes that were in those chords and put them together, but this resulted in no scale.

z4twenny commented on me that he assumed you meant V Chords (Power chords) in which case it fits into E minor.
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