Hey bass forum!

I've been browsing the Warmoth site for a while and I came across THIS body shape:

..and I absolutely love it, and reckon it would look mad with cherry burst and binding! But that's beside the point. Is it likely that an alder bass shaped like this would have neck dive problems? Would having one or both halves of the bass hollow help this? Does the smaller headstock matter?

Sorry bout the metric d*ckload of questions, but i've only ever played P and J style basses so have no real idea what neckdive is even like.

Thanks guys and gals!
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I wouldn't think so. in my experiences, most major cases of neck dive are due to the body sticking out past the neck side pin. there is an exact equation, but you can usually spot the real divers by looking at if it does that.

also, large headstocks make it worse. so don't go wild with the headstock, and you'll be fine.
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My custom has that body style, and it actually balanced perfect. Try to get light tuners and super-heavy hardware for the body just to make sure.
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