Hey guys what's up? I have been looking for a LTD EC-1000 or an ESP Eclipse for a while now. So one just popped up but it is the Sunburst model with the Seymour Duncan passive JB/59 set in it. I already have a hellraiser with emg's in it and I really like them but how are these pickups for metal? I will not have a chance to play it on my own amp (b-52 at-212 combo) so i won't know how it sounds. I listen to aLOT of lamb of god and I know willie uses this set. But i don't want to have to buy $300 in pedals to get a nice metal tone out of these bad boys. What do you guys think?
I haven't used the JB so I couldn't help you there, however I do have a '59. I find it good for cleans, but I'm not huge on its lead tones for metal. It's just a little too weak sounding for my tastes. However, you may like it perfectly well.
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Well, I have a Washburn with a 59' in the neck, and a custom custom in the bridge, which im thinking of changing to a JB. I haven't played one myself, but alot of metal guitars do seem to have that combo, alot of guitarists, Willie has it, and Zacky from A7X, there's probably more too. Also Mark from lamb of god uses a 59 in the bridge and neck. I don't know about you, but I think lamb of god's tone is f***ing amazing. My advice would be get over to the website, they have some sound clips and stuff there, have a listen, it's down to what kind if tone you want really.
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I've got that pickup combo in my Schecter C-1 Baritone guitar, it works pretty well for Metal and the '59 has good clean cabilities. I played it back-to-back with a C-7 Hellraiser with EMGs in it and it was fairly comparable, not as shrill sounding as active pups tend to be, but it will do Metal.
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It will do metal easily, if you EQ your amp in accordance to the JB being quite trebely. The '59 is a pretty nice neck pickup, but that entirely stands as an opinion really.