I was at the guitar store the other day playing on a mess of amps and i kinda fell in love with the fender amps in particular the Twin Reverb Reissue. It is so clean with that classic fender reverb sound that i love especially when played through a strat or tele. My main guitar is a Stevie Ray Vaughn strat and im upgrading from a crate 65W SS. I don't know much about amps but the Twin Reverb didin't have a overdrive channel or an FX loops. I have overdrive pedals, is an overdrive channel really necessary to get that overdriven sound? I have a tubescreamer and a bluesdriver pedal. Also, is the FX loop really necessary if you have pedals or does the twin reverb take pedals in front of the amp just fine? Also, i know you can get a natural overdrive if you crank the amp up almost all the way. I guess you would have to be in a big place. But, if you do this, is this "abusing" the amp or causing it to blow one of its tubes faster? Lastly and this is my major deciding factor between the twin reverb and the Super Reverb. The twin reverb is a 2x12, while the super reverb is a 4x10. I like the 4x10 configuration better. But, the Super is only 45 watts, while the twin is 85 watts, which gives me more clean headroom on the twin. I was also looking at the Hotrod Deville also, but i ruled that out because i liked the sound of the twin better. Now, i have not played on a super reverb yet, so i don't know what it sounds like. The only things i like about the super reverb over the twin reverb is that it will overdrive at lower volume and is a 4x10. But, the twin i like the clean headroom on it. So, im kinda stuck between that. I wish fender made a 4x10 that was 85 watts.
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There's nothing wrong with cranking an amp to saturate the power tubes, but it will shorten the life of the tubes slightly. You're right about the Twin having much more headroom.

You'll need your OD pedals to get distortion at lower volumes, but the good news is either amp will take pedals really well. IMO you don't need an effects loop.

What do you like better about the 4x10 configuration? Also, whether or not you gig will determine the wattage you need. If you need cleans at high volumes I'd stick with the Twin, but if you want power tube distortion at higher volumes you'll probably want the Super.


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Well, i like the 4x10 configuration for the brighter tone. But, im liking the 2x12 better now. It has a more gutsier bottom end to it. But, i went to the store playing both the Super Reverb and the Twin Reverb and i think i like the Twin Reverb better. Now, all i hear about the Twin Reverb is thats its clean. I like that a lot to a point. But, i like the overdrive sound too. So, thats how i was split between the Twin Reverb for its cleanness at higher volumes and the Super Reverb's overdrive at higher volumes. If the twin reverb is cranked enough, does it have a good natural overdrive just like the super reverb? Also, i have overdrive pedals like i said. So, will i be able to get a good sounding overdrive at lower volumes with my TS9 Tubescreamer or my BD-2 Boss Bluesdriver pedals? So, i don't have to worry about blowing a speaker or tube by cranking it?
you will most likely not ever really get to push a twin into overdrive. even cranking a super reverb to overdrive will be to loud for almost any venue. (and big venues will ALWAYS mic anyway.)
both do take OD pedals very very well.
so, get the one that you prefer, which in this case is the twin.
but me personally, the super reverb is my favorite amp of all time.
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man, super reverbs sound incendiary, and you will make your ears bleed trying to get the twin to overdrive by itself. and if 45 watts clean headroom isn't enough, i'm not sure what is, especially for blues. they both take pedals wonderfully

edit: i say go with the super over the twin
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well how much clean headroom does a super reverb have? I do like the sound of the Twin better. Its just what am i going to have to do to get overdrive? I have both a TS9 Tubescreamer and a Boss BD-2 Bluesdriver i guess. I have a solid state amp now. And the BD-2 on the clean channel of the solid state amp is all the overdrive i think i need. I do use both pedal on together. I don't know if your supposed to do that.
a super reverb has more than enough headroom for pretty much any gig you will ever do.
however, if you like the twin better, get it. you may just like the 2x12s better. and if that is the case, find an old Pro Reverb. Its basically a 40 watt twin.
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I personally like the Twin better just because of the 12" speakers. It is pretty loud though for home use. They both take pedals extremely well. You really can't go wrong with either one. But with the Tubescreamer between the Strat and either one you're gonna get some pretty rockin tone if you EQ it right.
Thank you-
I think im still going to go with the twin reverb. I kinda fell in love with it at the store. I guess its just a matter of just opinion, but theres something about a strong clean sound i like, which the twin seemed to have more of. And i guess i can get overdrive with my pedals. I guess if your in a really big place you can crank it and get natural overdrive? or if your like outside?
The way i think of the Twin is like a great foundation. With that fantastic clean tone, you can build on that with a higher end OD pedal (e.g. fullton, lovepedal, klaun centaur etc) and get a great overdive tone too. On mine i really only get break up at about 8 and above, and by them I'm louder than a drummer, so its not really practical. Plus, despite it not exactly being light, its still easier to cart around than a 4x10.

So overall I would recommend you towards the Twin Reverb
One other thing- I heard you could take one or two tubes out of the amp to get it to break up at lower volume and reduce the power. Can you do this or is that not a good idea?
You can do it safely but if you're gonna do that then you might as well cut out the middle man and get the super.
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If you want a bigger bottom end, you actually want the 4x10, not 2x12. The 2x12 will be brighter and more present.

The twin and super reverb are completely different, I personally don't like the way the twin breaks up, however, the super reverb sounds amazing overdriven, it just has this fat, warm and creamy overdrive that just kills.

And yes, you can pull power tubes and you'll get breakup at lower volumes, but it's still not the same as a cranked amp, when you crank an amp you're getting overdrive from all over the circuit, the preamp, power amp, power supply, etc.


God that tone is just incredible....
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Thats the modern twin amp, not the Twin Reverb Reissue. The Twin Reverb sounds better IMO.
Yeah, that amp is out of my price range. The Twin Reverb, the one i want, is kinda too. But, i ll swing it for a great sounding amp like the TR.
Well as long as you don't care that the entire neighborhood will hear you if you turn it up past 3, I highly recommend both.

And when you say "more" headroom with 85w on a twin reverb... you really mean infinite headroom. Your ears will distort before that thing does. It's designed to stay clean.

The super reverb is still 45 watts, which is plenty for headroom, and I personally believe 4x12 to have much tighter, more aggressive response than 2x12.

I would buy the Super Reverb myself if I had the budget.
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Another thing is that the Twin Reverb has a solid state rectifier and the Super Reverb has a tube rectifier. Does this make a difference?
Sounds to me like what you really need is a high power tweed twin. The output is somewhere between the blackface twin and the super reverb. The tone of the tweed amp is much warmer than the blackface but it still has more headroom than you can shake a stick at. If you can't get your hands on a highpower tweed twin then I'd go with the super reverb.

The twin reverb only gives you 3db more volume and when the amp starts to break up you sound like ass. The super reverb sounds great when it starts to break up which means you can actually get more good tone from the super than the twin. That is why many say the super reverb is the best ever working mans amp.
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How would a Fender Supersonic combo compare to the amps being considered?
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Okay, I have pedals like the TS-9 and BD-2 that solve the problem of needing overdrive. Plus, you can't always crank the amp even the super reverb would be too loud when turned to the point that it breaks up. The Twin Reverb offers more clean power when i need it and with pedals added it can get pretty loud. So, i think i will go with the twin reverb. Its like a V-6 vs a V-8 for the same price.
Which amp is fuller sounding? Theres just something i like about the twin reverb and when its on two it dosen't seem that loud in the store. Don't know how loud it will be on two when i get it home. lol But, for some reason, i like the idea of having more power 85 watts vs 45 on the super reverb and having it there if i might need it. How much louder is a twin reverb than a super reverb? A twin reverb on 2 is like a super reverb on what? I got pedals to solve the distortion problem. I like the sound of my OD pedals. So, thats not an issue. Oh and with a amp like the twin reverb, does it sound alright on 2 if you can't be too loud? Or does it sound much better at higher volume?
SUPER REVERB KICKS THE TWINS ASS THATS WHAT IM GETTIN! trust me man you dont need that much headroom. U want headroom but trust me 45 watts is more than enough and IMO it, the super really brings out all aspects of your playing style especially the bass end which was my favourite about it.
asdaven both these amps have a jack from the amp to the speakers right? If so then just buy an attenuator and crank it at low volumes, then you will the get the crisp but warm natural fender overdrive.
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