There's a squier strat bullet going for £10 in my local music shop, because of some major scratching and a dent. I think the neck is sound.

So, I want another project guitar, I'll probably buy it. Before I do, what can I do to it that's gonna be interesting to make + play?

I've got one modded squier affinity strat which is just stripped/tung oiled, and has a killswitch, all pretty predictable mods, so i wanted something more challenging this time.

Fire away!
Well you can give it the predictable EVH paint job first :P
And then maybe since you are looking into some more challenging stuff in build effects like delay?
I dont know much about building/modding guitars though never did it just read about it(do want it though xD)
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jem style handle thingy give it a super comlicated paint job, flyd it. . . . eh. . . im out of ideas

oh and put decent humbucking pickups in it
PRS SE custom Cherryburst
dean razorback V (green/black) currently on ebay
Digitech Death metal pedal [wanting to sell - £15]
Zoom G1X [wanting to sell - £25]
Line6 UX1 (with metal shop add on)
^I don't really want to put a Floyd in such a crappy guitar, but thanks for the idea xD

Preamp and delay sound pretty cool.
it wont be a crappy guitar once you get done with it. use a really rough grit sand paper (without a sanding block) when you strip the paint, then stain it black. then put a layer of paint on it, then sand with a finer paper and a block. what you'll end up with is a ghetto replication of flamed wood. the deeper parts will show the paint, while the raised parts will show the black stain. its pretty sick, it happened when i was refinishing my strat (completely by accident, i was using low grit paper on a belt sander) it ended up looking really cool cause it was bursted. give it a try