Okay Pit,

Once again I need your help. I've relocated countries twice before. I moved to Scotland when I was 9 and I moved to Norway when I was 11. Now both those times I was too young to really hold any appreciation for what I was losing. I've been in Norway for four and a half years now, and I'm going back to Houston, Texas this summer. This time I feel like I'm going to lose everything. I've grown to really love it here and I have great friends.

For those of you who have transferred countries or states or even cities as a similar age; what was the adjustment like? I know it's hard, but does it seem impossible to make friends and create a new social network at first? How is going to a new school like?

Like I said, I've been through all this before, but at a much younger age. Back then friends only meant kids I hung out with, not people I had a real connection with.
Thanks in advance.