I own a Bugera 333XL head plugged into a 2x12 cab. I've wanted to plug in a second guitar, one into the high gain input and one into the low gain input (is there a better way to do this?), and both guitars work fine on their own, but when they're being played simulatneously, the sound of one of them gets blocked out by the other guitar, and gets really quiet, making it impossible to hear over the other guitar. It's always the same guitar that gets blocked out by the other, no matter which way round they are plugged in (high/low gain inputs). I've tried it with multiple guitars and it's always my guitar which gets "priority" over the other one. Is it my guitar or the amp? Anyone know why this is happening or any work arounds? Any better ways to set up two guitars into one amp?

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It's just not going to sound good in general, multiple guitars through the same amp aren't a good idea because neither one will stand out.
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well, it happens all the time when you put two guitars in both inputs
what reason would you have for putting two guitars through one amp? you will obviously diminish the sound because more power is needed for each. dont do that.

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Overall its just a bad idea imo...
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Thanks for the replies. I'm only doing it because we only have one amp to share between us, not for band practices but just for short jams - and I understand where you're all getting at. Thanks again.
Bad idea

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