This is more a question then a build thread at the moment. But I will definitely keep you all posted once I get them ordered/installed. I'm planning to convert my EMG equipped LTD to passive pickups with a set of humbucker sized P-90s. I test fitted some open coil humbuckers in the active pickup rings and they fit no problem.

My concern is how much bigger will the metal casing make a humbucker sized pickup? The site I'm ordering from says they'll fit ANY humbucker equipped guitar, I was just curious if anyone has done anything similar?

I realize it's kind of an odd swap but all my guitars have quirky swaps/mods done to them. Actives just aren't my thing for this guitar. I want a set neck/ mahogany guitar with P-90s without having to pick up another LP, haha. I'll definitely keep this thread updated with sound clips, etc. once I get the 'pups.
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Not enough to matter... the Phat Cats/ their clones should fit
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Not enough to matter... the Phat Cats/ their clones should fit

Good to hear! Thanks for the reply
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