could anyone tell me what the bpms for these songs are
scream aim fire - bfmv
theres no sympathy for the dead - etf
divide - disturbed
inside the fire - disturbed
master of puppets - metallica
raining blood - slayer
thanks in advance
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I think raining blood is something like 230...

Its pretty close to that I think
MoP is 215 until clean solo, where it slows down to 104, but it speeds up right after the bridge in the solo to 215 again
What's the tempo of Iron Maiden's Children Of The Damned?
I came up with 136 bpm for the first part, and 200 bpm for the solo.
Then I looked at the tabs here and they all start with 67 bpm and jump to around 190 bpm for the second part.
Of course there's no difference in sound, because 2 x 67 = ~136, but the difference between 67 and 190 bpm looks huge, it doesn't sound THAT much faster.
So is the "real" tempo (from Maiden's point of view) 67 bpm or 136 bpm?