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i started out wanting to play rock and blues,but i feel as though I am suited to just play acoustic type stuff it sure was a waste buying an electric,i mean my tastes havnt completely changed i still listen to it but it dosent feel right when i try and play rock or blues but what i have learnt from blues ironically is that you should be honest about what your expressing, its kind of like that mark wahlberg movie ya know the one with jennifer aniston?

so do you think your tastes have changed since you started learning,any other lessons learnt not necessarily to do with guitar but just music???
Sounds like someone failed as a rock guitarist.
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Quote by Birchall17
Sounds like someone failed as a rock guitarist.

i can play rock but i cant feel it is all im saying.
After a few weeks of dabbling I lost respect for most mainstream stuff of the time, because I was so disgusted by how abysmal musicians were making so much money for doing nothing.
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the music i play enver4 really changed, i just started playing more styles as i got better but i'll always stay with the blues, great for playing on a guitar

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considering I was a violin/viola player first, and then when I picked up a guitar all I wanted to do was play Punk....I'm going to have to say my style has changeed.

I now primarily play Jazz/Fusion and blues
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im 15, i started playin piano when i was like 5, and i played for 8 years...but i hated it, i started listening to punk rock bands like sum41 and stuff, so i quit and picked up guitar, i started getting into children of bodom in grade 7, and by the time i turned 15 i was really into bands like parkway drive, recently ive been staying back to listening to some punk stuff its kinda weird, im really into A Day to remember cause they kinda mix like pop punkish stuff with sweet mosh type stuff. thats basically my life story
Started out with the intention to learn punk and some linkin park (that was also my musical taste back then) and even though I still like those, but I also developed a taste for classical (acoustic) guitar and Extreme Metal (and also the less-extreme metal of course XD )
yep, i came from pop,and rock n roll before guitar
then i went to mainstream stuff (on the radio)
now im playing classic rock,Zeppelin,Sabbath,Hendrix
and PanterA
and the blues

so ya,i have changed styles

p.s. deth is in the dictionary i guess,no red line.
but deth with lower case is "wrong" (it has red line)
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im also a violinist went is started playing guitar i wanted 2 play offspring type of stuff but then i got into metal cuz its so muck more chalenging
Started playing acoustic ... i didn't like playing acoustic because my intention was to pick up a guitar immediatly. (I was 7 years).

Now ... 8 years later i sometimes pickup the acoustic again to play some classical music and very soft stuff (jazz,blues etc...)

I started playing stuff like sum 41 and blink 182 but 8 years later i pretty much play everything from santana tot slipknot
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Quote by hatecrew-81
im also a violinist went is started playing guitar i wanted 2 play offspring type of stuff but then i got into metal cuz its so muck more chalenging

Yeah, pretty much same thing here. I started with lots of that mainstream stuff and started getting into faster a bit more technical stuff. Nowadays I just mainly play thrash and even though it's not too technical of a genre, it's fun, sounds awesome and some songs pass as a bit of a workout. :p
Well, I learnt about music as I played guitar. I started with Muse. Then I limewired Hendrix and B.B King, and I think some other stuff that I didn't "get". From there it was Led Zep and Guns, and I've just widened from there. So I suppose, yeah.
started off with linkin park, transitioned into led zeppelin and the who for like ever, then i went through the "metal/shred" phase, then i tried doing some acoustics stuff, and then i got into all the virtuosos (gilbert, satch, Govan, etc.) and recently i've taken a bigger interest in jazz.

I still play everything else it's just as i played more and more i started to listen to different styles i explored them much more than i had before
When I started I listened to exclusivly classic rock and blues. Now I listen to many genres, although it's mostly prog nowadays.
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^ I find that generally, the more you advance and develop musically, the more you get drawn to prog. It's rock music, which most of us started liking, but very musically interesting (and hard to play!).
I mainly listen to rock and metal.

As I joined a jazz band at school, and want to advance my rhythm abilities, I have really gotten into jazz music lately.

I also listen to classical, though not out of enjoyment. I listen because some of the stuff is so incredibly technical and advanced.
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I wouldn't say my music taste changed, but my musical taste has expanded to different genres.
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I liked punk rock when I started,

I like punk rock now,

Hey, its the same.
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My style expanded. I started on old school hard rock and moved to metal. I play violin too, so I have played classical concertoes. What's nice is that every now and then, a band releases a great song with a couple good solos that remind me of those concertos that I play so often. In the same way, heavy metal really is where many of the most advanced musicians go, IMO.
Definitely changed. Back then, I only used to listen to ACDC.

Now its a whole other story. Post-rock, alternative, jazz, classical, progressive, some metal, folk, and more.

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hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
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^I'd say classical music is where the most advanced musicians are, but I have a great respect for metal, even though I don't listen to it.

It's all opinion.

I would have to disagree. Sure classical music generally more complex harmonically, but its a result of a very good composer, and not necessarily top notch musicians.... Metal artists generally have good playing and composing skills (although generally not as advanced compositionally as classical composers). But they are somewhat unrelated, and opinion does play a big part.
I started listening to sabbath, zeppelin, etc. Then i got into some of the better playing (satch, steve vai, petrucci, etc) for a while. Once i got into piano and choir though my taste pretty much changed immediatly to classical and choral music. It's alot better imo. I enjoy some pop artists that play piano and sing, mainly Vanessa Carlton.
I started listening to Stone Temple Pilots the Doors Dire Straits Led Zep Pink Floyd Hendrix etc and still listen to all that. Of course I also listen and jam out to Daft Punk Frank Sinatra and whatever else I can lay my hands on.

The only thing that really changed for me after picking up the guitar was getting into the old school delta blues which I only really appreciated after learning some guitar.

TS as for your "feel it's a waste of money" - I think you need to turn it up louder and just go nuts for like 6 hours solid for a few days. If someone tells you to turn it down turn it up louder and blast the ****ers!!!

It is a bit of a change going from acoustic after years of playing it to the electric but you got to play it like a mad man and it starts making sense.
Started on acoustic around age 8, practiced on and off between then and 11 then got serious on acoustic. Got my first electric at age 13 and then my gibson les paul at 15. Around 16 I started to play a good balance of both and then 17 I started to focus way more on the classical style I had originally begun with.

I am currently still mainly playing/writing classical music on my guitar and my electric is collecting dust atm. Part of this is because I love the way my classical guitar sounds and some of the pieces I play, and partly because I can't find anyone to jam with while playing electric.
I started guitar because of pop-punk, now I love progressive rock, metal, jazz and classical.

I still like Green Day though *hides*

And I don't understand how something can neither change nor not change.
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kinda i guess...i started out with thrash...i never really strayed from the hard ****. i love thrash, its still my base....but i play alot of tech death, and classic rock now....
when I was 9 I wanted to be a rock star and bought my first electric, learned rock for a year, at 10 years of age I started learning to read sheet music and played songs like "Mary had a little lamb", lol . At 12 years of age I started to play classic rock again. (Thank god, for high school). when I was 14 I learnt classical and have loved it since. Now I'm 16. I listen to everything except for techno, but it's still mostly Classic Rock, Asian Rock/Pop, Jazz,Blues,Pop, and Classical. I like metal but don't know many bands.
Before picking up the guitar, which was my first instrument, I listened to pop stuff on MTV and such.

After picking up guitar I switched to mainstream rock and pop punk.

After learning a little, I switched to classic rock.

After getting a little better on guitar, I started getting into metal and shred.

I got into all the sub-sub-sub-genres of metal and became quite an elitist.

This year I started learning jazz to improve my theory, and became obsessed with John Coltrane.

Then I started to listen to folk and world music, and tried emulating other instruments on the guitar.

Then I started analyzing classical music, and started learning piano and I now want to learn music composition in college.

Quite a journey there, but now I listen to mostly anything than catches my fancy, but playing wise I mainly do fusion and prog stuff on the guitar and classical stuff on the piano.
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It's not changed as much as it's expanded.

I still love the br00talz and the coreZ but I listen to lots of shred (John 5, Satriani, Petrucci, Jeff Loomis) and progressive stuff (BTBAM, Opeth, Dream Theater, Into Eternity) now.

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Not changed, more expanded my writing.

I listened to Satch and Vai before I "understood" what they were doing.

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when i started playing i wanted to be in a thrash metal band, 5 years later i still wanna be in a thrash metal band

my palette may have expanded, but my tastes have differed very little
Quote by Guitarfreak777
and my electric is collecting dust atm. Part of this is because I love the way my classical guitar sounds and some of the pieces I play, and partly because I can't find anyone to jam with while playing electric.

Get some John Lee Hooker throw it on the stereo and jam with him.

Or try some daft punk, I was just saying in the chat thread how great Daft Punk is to jam with.

These two are great because there is a lot of room to jam in with them.

To find people to jam with you only need to visit your local record store.
I started out listening to AC/DC for a while then I got into all the classic British Rock from the 60's, and Hendrix. Then Zeppelin gets their own category because they remain my all time favorite band. Now I'm really into Prog thanks to Dream Theater (has to be my 2nd favorite band ever) and I'm getting into playing blues guitar. Overall my taste hasn't really changed but expanded so I'll vote for the choice that says other.
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