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Yeah, I searched and didn't find anything.
Theres a chance it might just be me, but I have a certain few songs that just give me a weird feeling and bring back some serious memories, they don't neccesarily have to be deep or anything.

Anyone else have these songs that mean alot to you?

Mine is Crystal Castles - Untrust Us
Reminds me of literally the greatest night of my life and makes me feel strange(good) everytime i hear it.
I was just thinking about the song "Rub a dub" by 311.. about a year ago my mate died in a car accident and the cd in his radio was a cd with only this song on it.
Hed PE: The Meadow.

Lamb of god: Ashes of the Wake (It's half-ass instrumental, but i love it.)
MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday
Because it perfectly encapsulated everything about the state of mind I was in, but wasn't eloquent enough to write down myself.

It Means Nothing - Stereophonics
Same reasons as above, particularly the 'You can find yourself a God / Believe in which one you want / 'Cause they love you all the same / They just go by different names' part.

There's many others
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Forever in your hands - All that remains

Alias - In flames

Do not obey - All that remains

Rain - Trivium
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all at once by jack johnson
i just dont know what it is about that song it just makes me slow down and chill
Escape from the A-Bomb House - Less Than Jake.

Reminds me of my younger brother who is currently a recovering drug addict and alcoholic
The Luckiest - Ben Folds

This Modern Love - Bloc Party

Almost Four - Wolftron
Hurt - Johny Cash
Highwayman - the Highwaymen
dunno why but certain country musicians give me a weird emotional feeling inside, probably cuz I grew up in a country-fanatic home XD

got more but cba to write em down atm
Holy crap, right as I clicked on this thread, "Falling" by Lacuna Coil started playing, and that's a song I really connect with right now.

That's one that means a lot, some that bring back memories are:

Couple of MCR's songs from their first album - I remember walking to school listening to it every day.

Rain by Trivium - I remember walking into school one day with this song playing, I just felt so ****ing awesome at that moment and nobody could take it away since my headphones were so loud I just ignored everyone

BFMV - whole Poison album just makes me feel like going for a car ride for some reason?
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Eve to Adam - Last Call

Alter Bridge - Coming Home

Finger Eleven - Awake And Dreaming

That one was actually the reason I started playing guitar. I heard that song and knew that's what I wanted to do.
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Most songs by The Doors.
Paul Gilbert

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Miss You, Hate You - Joe Bonamassa.
It just always perfectly describes how I feel about someone.


Someday - Nickelback just came on after I posted this. It reminds me of a few important people who are no longer in my life because they were hurting me so much, so I had to cut them out of my life.

Photograph - Nickelback reminds me of my childhood in Scotland. So it's a very important song to me.

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high - feeder
mostly cos its soo true and was basically my whole summer

nothing else matters - metallica
dunno wat it is about it but like the feel of it
if you know what i meen

and most of 65daysofstatic's stuff
^if you aint heard any of their stuff you shud check it out
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Forever in your hands - All that remains

Alias - In flames

Do not obey - All that remains

Rain - Trivium

There might be something about this song that just makes people remember what was happening when they listened to it...

Oh yeah, Rain also makes me remember this:

Dragon Plate-Legs from RuneScape.
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嗶一聲之後- 王菲 - 只愛陌生人

This song is called After The Beep. This song is probably the most meaningful song I know of. It describes what a great friend you are to help all those you cared about only to be treated badly. It's about unappreciated friendship and kindness. You realise that you were there when they needed you most but they never were there for you. You now decide that when they next call for help, you won't answer the call. They can leave a message after the beep.

愛一個上一課 - 容祖儿 - Close Up

This song is called A Love Lesson and is really one of those songs which teaches you just how difficult it is to maintain a relationship.

分身術 - 容祖儿 - Give Love a Break

This song is called Split-Body Technique. It's about other people perceiving you differently as to what you really are in the sense that they have become oblivious to the real you whether because you're hiding it from others or because they can't tell because they're not tune to thinking that way.

心病 - 容祖儿 - Give Love a Break

Never underestimate your loved ones because they may leave the world when you least expect it.

零時零分 - 容祖儿 - Glow

Sometimes, relationships are confusing and all you want to know is whether or not there is one.

一首傳世之歌 - 容祖儿 - 我的驕傲

This song is called A song passed through the ages. It reminds me never forgetting who I am and who I've grown into. I find that as people they older, they seem to forget that childhood innocence they once had.

习惯失恋 - 容祖儿 - 我的驕傲

This song is called, Immune to Breaking Up. It's about feeling as if you've never been loved before and that essentially you're immune to breaking up. We've all been there before and this song sums it up perfectly.

只愛陌生人 - 王菲 - 只愛陌生人

This song is called Only Love Strangers. You never know where love takes you.

夢中人 - 王菲 - 胡思亂想

This song is called Dream Person. It's about calling for your dreams to be answered

Here are my list of songs which mean most to me. I've been in very prominent complex situations where these songs just sum up those experiences. They mean more to me than any other songs.
¤´¨留話 請留話 請在我說完後
¸.•´¸.•´¨¸.•¤¨哭泣我不在這裡 我不在那裡請在嗶一聲之後留
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´(´¸.•¤´`¤下自己的秘密請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾自喜請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣

我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡¤




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I was working one day outside, spinning those stupid cardboard signs, and listening to Comfortably Numb. I was going on my ninth hour of standing up, it was starting to rain, it was really cold, then my girlfriend called and we broke up. So, like the song and the lyrics in it, made that day really depressing, if it makes sense. Oh yeah, then afterwards I got some sort of dizziness illness for a week of throwing up.
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For some odd reason, Wish you were here by Pink Floyd just gets me. Man i love that song, and to play it with a little reverb, sounds amazing.
Always Look On The Bright Side OF Life - Monty Python

As it was played during my Dad's funeral and it just seems fitting
Hull City A.F.C

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Bleak, Master's apprentices, serenity painted death by opeth
Slipknot's dead memories
Megadeth's In my darkest hour, Almost Honest, and trust
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This Modern Love - Bloc Party
Synesthesia - AFI
Blossom, The Witch - Still Remains
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The Gift - Seether.
Oh and I hate Seether. But yeah that song really gets to me.
Tonight, we stagger out from the basement...

I'm sick of not having the courage to be an absolute nobody.

...Or fall to our deaths from above
Alter Bridge-Coming Home...this one gives me chills every time I listen to's amazing

Alter Bridge-Watch Over You...remids me of an ex girlfriend
Tom Petty - Girl on LSD
Tom Petty - Mary Jane's Last Dance
Sublime - What I Got
Jimi Hendrix - Red House
Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand
some more for the list

No More Lies - Iron Maiden

this one really reminds me of a more depressing period in my life, but in a good way

and I'll be unoriginal and Post Rain - Trivium, just because it's true
Wish you were here- Pink Floyd
Welcome To The Machine- Pink Floyd (this song scares the hell out of me each time i listen to it)
Laid to rest- the showdown
Lightning crashes- live
like 20 different Underoath songs
Pretty much anything by Candlebox
and a few more.
love is love // return to dust
A few songs that mean a lot to me:

The Velocity of Love - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

This song is actually on the playlist on my profile, if anyone cares to listen. It was one of the songs that I listened to a lot last year, during a particularly difficult time of my life. It also has one of the truest lines I think that has ever been sung:

"I'd rather be drunk and in love."

Addicted to Bad Ideas - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

I've always felt connected to this song; I've been told that it describes me. It starts rather brooding and reflective, and becomes one of the most upbeat songs I've heard. An excerpt from the lyrics:

"I wasn't always a monster,
I was a prince, now so broken so,
Addicted to bad ideas, and to drugs, and to all the beauty in this world I know..."


"Because I can
'Cause no one can stop me
'Cause it makes up for things I lost
Because I'm addicted to bad ideas
And all the beauty in this world"

Do yourself a favor and check this band out. They have had an enormous affect on me.
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some more for the list

No More Lies - Iron Maiden

this one really reminds me of a more depressing period in my life, but in a good way

and I'll be unoriginal and Post Rain - Trivium, just because it's true

Really? You're not just saying that about Rain?

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd seems to be another, but that's pretty obvious. I wonder what it is about Rain, honestly.
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tangerine by zeppelin :p just because its my favorite of all times :p
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beaners gonna kick you in the face
fall for you- secondhand serenade

it's me n my gf's song.
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Ocean breathes salty - modest mouse. Something about the line "you wasted life why wouldn't you waste the afterlife" just gets me.

Saint Simon by the shins. Just bloody lovely, and Clam, crab, ockle, cowrie by joanna newsom
"This is nothing like we'd ever dreamt,
tell Sir Thomas More we've got another failed attempt"
alot of songs.
mostly by jason becker and a couple led zeppelin songs.
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