hi...i have recently just gone out and bought a pod xt live and i have cubase 4 on my pc, however i have absolutely no idea how to hook the two up and record. i hav had my guitar plugged into the input and the usb plugged into the computer but thats about how far i have got.

if anybody can help it will be very much appreciated as i would love to start recording asap!!
i have opened line 6 monkey and it says the latest drivers have been installed. i am strumming my guitar but nothing is happening on cubase.
You should have had a disk that came with the Pod, put it in and see if it says something about drivers.

Also make sure you have chosen the Pod as the input device in Cubase, I assume you know how to do this....
unfortunately i dont. i have gone into 'device setup' and under 'VST audio' i have set the pod xt live as the 'ASIO driver'
you have to configure cubase to use the pod XT within its recording devices. I love using the pod for recording, but i'm not very keen on using its USB funtionality..

that aside, it is perfectly functional.
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If there's a preferences tab under options in Cubase, you should be able to configure the Pod from their. I don't have Cubase so I don't know what the set up is like, but I use Ableton and the toneport UX2. If Pod is similar to Toneport then you will have to make sure that you have the instrument setting on.