Were a 4 Piece HxC band out there to give the heaviest riffs, and in your face breakdowns. We started out as two other bands called WhenChaosEnds, and We stand in shadows, now we finally have our music in order to present to the world as FRY! All recordings were done by us.

Check us Out!

If anyone is in onley virginia this saturday, be at the Nandua Highschool at 6:00
Battle of the bands! WERE IN!

Also, check out my profile for recordings of our songs along with covers.

Our influences range from older HxC bands such as Champion, to todays metalcore bands we know as Emmure, As Blood Runs Black, and War Of Ages.

With Love, Mike
Fry Guitarist
Are you guys good?

How long have you been together and how often do you practice together?