Hey UG!

So I've been expanding my practicing to incorporate not only strumming songs but also picking certain notes in them as well. Big step for the n00b here.. haha.

Anyway - something I noticed: I, for some reason, want to hold the pick differently when strumming than when picking... is this normal?!?!

So if I'm picking scales, I tend to have the pick barely sticking out between my fingers.
However, if I try to strum this way my fingers and hand end up hitting the strings and forcing me to stop.

However, when I start a song with a strum I find the pick is sticking out quite a bit to allow my hand to tilt back and forth while strumming.... now if I attempt to pick a few notes this way, the damn pick is out too far and hits the pickups! hahah....

So, in short, what's the correct way to practice the above? Or do you guys literally just move the pick in hand without really thinking about it, to go from strum to solo?

Personally (so this doesn't mean I'm doing it right...if there is a right or wrong way of doing it) I hold the pick with my thumb and index finger for playing lead notes and use my thumb, index, and middle finger for strumming entire songs. If I have to switch back and forth I just hold it with the two fingers the entire time. This just feels most comfortable to me, so I would say do what feels right as long as you aren't doing anything too rediculous that just makes the playing harder than it should be.

Here's something I just found on google. You might find differences if you look elsewhere but it should be about the same. http://guitar.about.com/library/weekly/aa071200g.htm
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