I got the POD Studio UX1 for Christmas and it came with 3 sets of software: Ableton Live Lite 7, Riffworks and Gearbox. So far I've recorded using only the Live Lite 7 and it seems pretty straightforward, results are quite good to my ears. What I am trying to figure out is how to create a drum track! I've tried the Live Lite 7 midi thingy but I have to sit and hit keys on my PC keyboard - not very successful so far and it seems a bit convoluted. Riffworks Instantdrummer seems much better, but how do I create a track then import it to Live Lite 7? Or should I do it the other way round? I've also been using the software to add bass lines to previously recorded tracks with some success by converting them to WAV then importing them to LL7 and playing along but it's the drums that I want to get to grips with. One other thing, these old tracks were recorded live and in free time - is there software that can analyse a track and tell you the tempo? That would be really cool!
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