I'm looking for two pedals, which between them can cover every base from blues overdrive, to pop rock, alt. rock, punk, and distorted heavier stuff. (hendrix, muse, billy talent, alkaline trio, funeral for a friend, brand new, inme, rise against, lost prophets, radiohead)

I was thinking a kind of OD/light DS pedal, and a DS/Fuzz one.

Budget is about £150 I guess, maybe a little more.
what amp do you have?
if its a decent amp with a nice OD to it already, i would get an OD to push it further, and a fuzz for fuzzy stufff
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Chea_man is the best.
Well, Right now I've got a roland microcube, which has brilliant channels. But it is nowhere near enough to gig with, so right now I'm kind of "planning" my rig, so when I need the equipment, I know what I want. I'll probably get a half stack tube amp, mighty big.

But really what I want is diversity, but focus on those kind of sounds (bands mentioned)