I'm a horrible guitarist,a novice whose been at it for a year and getting nowhere fast, but I still manage to bend a few notes here and there,palm mute enough to give a false sense of complexity,and switch up my power chords so no one notices >.> <.<

Lead guitarist come and go as they please,and I use FL studio for my drums...

But I need a bassist who'll be down to record with me steadily...

Aiming for (aiming is a key word) NWOBHM/Speed/Thrash...every once in awhile throwing out some Melodic Hard Rock when the mood hits...

I only ask that you be cool...
Horrible ey. you sound like me. the only problem is that im a guitarist. we could still create some awesome jams though.
Hey man, I'd be up for that, I'm not the best metal bass player in the world but it sounds interesting. I've got quite a bit of recording software, will probably end up using Amplitube and Cubase to record bass, can also arrange and master stuff on there. Give me a PM if you want to sort something out
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