Ive noticed the MG version marshall has out is complete **** apparently, and really dont know about any other ones. I'd like a marshall purely because most of the bands i like used marshalls. I cant find a good sounding one that is under 500. Maybe i haven't been looking hard enough or not in the right places, dont know, but can anyone give me a link to a marshall that is below 450-500 and doesnt suck
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those bands all use high end tube amp marshalls, you won't get anthing like that if you don't have a lot of money to spend
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Marshalls under $1000-$1200...nah...don't even try.
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www.ceriatone.com nice marshall clones with tone like you wouldnt believe it otherwise a used jcm2000 401 combo. It's not the greatest but it is quite allright. Really a clone is the way to go. You can pull one for about 700-800 bucks to anywhere on the planet
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