I have some cheap guitar equipment that I would like to try and get the stairway to heaven solo's tone out of. I already accepted it probably won't be to much like it because of my amp and guitar combination being cheap but I want as close as I can get it. If i should re make this in the equipment forum, someone let me know too.

I have a Tradition standard stratocaster type guitar. 1 volume, 2 tone, 5 way switch. 3 single coil pick ups.

My amp is an older Crate model which I can't even find on their website. It has Gain, Level, distortion switch. The clean volume knob. Then Low, Mid, and High followed by a knob with a variety of effects (I don't think he uses any effects in this solo..maybe a tiny bit of reverb?).

Any tips on getting a decent Jimmy Page sound out of this combo?
Lol, its not going to be easy with out a Tube amp or Humbuckers....

just fiddle with the EQ, add Mids maybe...
You're going to need a guitar with Humbuckers in it, or an MIM Fender Telecaster. Along with that, you're going to need a new amp. Look for a used Marshall 1959SLP or JCM800/900 if you want a Jimmy Page sound, and overall good sound for pretty much any genre (I'd only reccomend the SLP if you could take it to someone to mod in wattage reduction, and a gain knob. These things need to be ear shattering loud in order to get that classic rock tone. Also, if you can get a THD Hot Plate, then I'd reccomend the SLP)

But, if you MUST use the Crate, then I'd shove gain up at around 5 or 6 on the Clean Channel, not sure what Level does, put the volume as high as possible if it's a tube amp in order to get power amp saturation, and then EQ something like: Lows at 9 O'Clock, Mids at 4 O'Clock, Highs at 5 O'Clock.
Quote by satchgear
I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
i'd use the neck or middle pickup and just find a warm, overdriven sound.
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