1. My amp(crate v-33) seems to have white noise, all the time no matter what, I don't remember always having that, is there something wrong?

2. On my Guitar(ec-500) the my b sting is way louder than the high e, is this from the pups or from the acutal g-tar, how could I fix this?
If it has white noise even when it's turned down low, you have a problem with your amp. I have the V-18 and the only time I get hiss is when it's cranked all the way to "eleven."

Just on a hunch, try taking the amp to another room or building to check it. Could be you might be picking up something through the airwaves.

As for the string, have the action on your guitar looked at. If that's not the problem, maybe you have a pickup that's gone bad somehow- try a different guitar on your amp and check it out, see if it sounds the same.

Generally if tubes go bad, they squeal, chatter, not white noise (hiss, I assume you mean).

Check and make sure that your pickup hasn't moved, that it's not shifted to one side- my guess would be that you may have a bad pickup?
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