I have some cheap guitar equipment that I would like to try and get the stairway to heaven solo's tone out of. I already accepted it probably won't be to much like it because of my amp and guitar combination being cheap but I want as close as I can get it. I made this in the electric guitar thread but I wasn't sure which forum section this should actually be in.

I have a Tradition standard stratocaster type guitar. 1 volume, 2 tone, 5 way switch. 3 single coil pick ups.

My amp is an older Crate model which I can't even find on their website. It has Gain, Level, distortion switch. The clean volume knob. Then Low, Mid, and High followed by a knob with a variety of effects (I don't think he uses any effects in this solo..maybe a tiny bit of reverb?).

Any tips on getting a decent Jimmy Page sound out of this combo?
sorry, you just can't.

go to the ultimate settings thread, and see what they have to say about page's eq. But honestly you won't get close =\
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