I hope someone can help me here cuz i am stuck
I have about 400 songs that i copied to my desktop computer from borrowed cds that i got off a friend
i have since bought a laptop and now i want to transfer those songs to my laptop. i can do it if i keep burning cd's and loading them into i tunes but that will take for ever and waste cd's
is there an easier way to transfer them?
the songs are in i tunes on the desktop and will be going into i tunes on the laptop
i have a double ended usb cable that i have been trying to use but i have no clue what to do once its plugged in.
1 gig flash stick
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not sure what the total size is

select all -> right click -> properties

Either way, 400 songs would almost certainly fit on either 1 DVD or a 4gb flash memory stick; take your pick.
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take 2 cd-s it doesnt cost much...
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i have the same problem, i'm just sending them over aim to myself. or you can put them on your ipod them idump them on your computer that works to.