I apologize in advance for those of you who have answered this a million times but everyone seems to have a different pedal board combo and I just want to know the "Ideal" order for my pedals to go in when they arrive and what goes in through input and what goes into my FX loop. I understand you can try anything and get all these different sounds but it is my understanding that there are "Ideal" set ups.

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Boss TR-2 Tremolo
MXR Phase 90
Vox Wah
Boss DS-1 Distortion

Thanks in advance everyone
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There really isnt a rule to the order, you have to try them out in different positions and see what YOU like. Wah/OD go in front, delay, eq, trem phase in the loop.
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wah needs to come before distortion, but besides that, thats pretty much a good order, as long as EQ and delay are in the FX loop

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Appreciate the help guys, I'll experiment, the main thing i just needed to know is what goes into the FX loop