how important would you say improvisation is when it comes to being part of your practice routine? I'd say its probably one of the most important apart from getting your playing and theory upto sratch and i probably improvise about 30 mins a day roughly and i wanted to know what you think of the importance of it. It's probably one of the only ways to develop phrasing as well so thats a bonus
Improvising is mainly what my practice routine consists of. I'll spend about 10 minutes on speed exercises, then I'll put in a backing-track cd and just play. I also transcribe solos in order to help phrasing for improvising.
Improvisation in my thought is the single most important skill. Who needs to do anything but it cause really isnt every song derived from some form of improvisation.
Theres few better feelings than improvising as a band.
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Why structure it out? Just play.
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90% of my practice is improv. I just lay a couple layers down on my loop station, and go to town.

That's me. But I guess it all depends on what you want to get out of playing. If you're in a band, you may want to simplify things by playing a solo you like every time.

If you're like me, nothing ever sounds the same twice. Sometimes it sounds great, and sometimes not so much. I just love the idea of finding out what key I'm playing in and going.

I guess it depends on how important improv is to you.
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If you wanna write wongs, then it's improtant

writes whats sorry :P
I mostly just improvise. Sometimes over a backing track, sometimes just on my own. Having a looper pedal probably helps, but i dont have the money for one now, but its on my list. I play and learn songs to, but 95% of the time, i improvise.
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i suck at improve so i just write my own sweet riffs and once in awhile get a cool solo in (sort like dave mustaine).
It depends on what you want to work on.

You NEED to practice improvising to actually get good at it. But , if that's all you do,
you will tend to remain within what I'd call your comfortable space of possibility. And
there you remain. If you want to get REALLY good at improvising a good deal of your
time must also be spent on exploring completely NEW things. First you have to
practice those things, they don't come by improvising. Eventually, with enough
practice, they will start showing up in your improv.
It depends on what your goals are, but for me improv is big. I usually work for a while on speed, technique, and some songs that I'm working one. Then I just lay down some backing riffs on a looping station and improv for about 30-45 minutes.
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Get a loop station, dude. I can honestly say that my looper has done more for my playing than any lesson, jam, book, or piece of gear ever could. I'll get to playing lead over something, look down, and realize it's been half an hour or more.

You can get a decent one new for under $200. You can probably find one used for much less.
"There is only one thing more beautiful than one guitar - Two guitars" Frederic Chopin