Hit it against a hard object (like a table). As it rings, stick the round ball on the end down onto some big hard surface (again, a table works). The sound will come from the surface. It's probably an A, so tune you're A string to it.

Also, you can stick them on your teeth and hear it.
works best when you put the stem in your ass then smack the fork.

hold the stem then hit the fork so it rings out
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There is no ball on either end and it's in E.

Then just use the end of the one prong side. Also, hold it by the single prong, not the fork part.
Hold it by the single prong, whack the fork end on something solid (not your guitar) to make it vibrate and then stick the single prong end against a hard surface to hear it
Quote by guitarnoobie
There is no ball on either end and it's in E.

so tune your E to match it, and then, play the 5th fret on the E string, and match that with your A string. then keep on doing that with the other strings, but in between the G and B strings, use the 4th fret

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Putting the single point end between your teeth after you have knocked it on a table or something else hard is the best way. This leaves you two hands to tune the guitar with.
why didnt u get a tuneR?
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if it rings out an e note, tune your e strings to the same pitch.
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