my computer has been running like **** lately, occasionally its fine but most of the time its slow as ****.

I saw a commercial for this website called finallyfast.com, they claim that you use it once and your computer runs like new again. Also its free.

It was weird cause there was nothing to show that it actually worked, and you could tell all the people in the commercial were just actors faking enthusiasm. I saw this thing and thought "No way, this has to be a scam."

So I thought I would ask people who are always on the internet.

Is finallyfast.com a scam, or does it actually work.

If you want to see the commercial, youtube it.
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Dude, no advertising. I know you're sound and you didn't mean it, but not even intentionally. Ask a mod before you talk about a business site.

You can still make your computer fast without some voodoo website, yaknow.
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