I play rock metal and clean, i dont want anything amazing, its my first guitar in a while since i sold my old one, dont tell me to save up because im not wasting a three year savings on a guitar when i only need decent tone and versatility for bedrrom playing
Okay, my personal favorite from Agile is this one

Loaded with EMG 81/85
It'll have a very good rock/metal tone.
And a so/so clean

Probably a more versatile one,

But if you're not looking for shipping.
I'd go for an Epiphone
the LTD MH-250QMNT is a very nice guitar, even though its not made out of maghonghy it has a very good sound, very clean and warm and dosent have a very heavy metal sound, sounds more like a strat than anything, if i get enough money its the next guitar i'm going to buy.


its a little over $400.