Hey this is my first song please let me know what you guys think of it so i can make it better im not quite sure what i was going for. its supposed to be in the style of blink 182 but i just wanted it to be different as well. thanks for any comments :P

Guitar Intro

Bass Intro

Vocal Intro (Simple Guitar and bass line during introduction)

Chorus (Faster Bass line and faster strummed Guitar)

Line 2 (Back to Basic Guitar from introduction)

Chorus (Same as First time with guitar and bass but speeded up during ending)

Solo (Simple solo but catchy)

Line 3 (Closes the song)

Slow guitar whilst bass fades out then single strike on guitar ends the song.


What happened to you?
Before you left,
I thought we had it all,

You had other ideas,
A fear of commitment,
No reason to call.

You started to explain,
But I wouldn’t let you.

Your reasons why,
Weren’t so catchy,

Tried to talk you round,
Tried to tell you but you wouldn’t listen,
Now I miss you.

You packed your bags now you’re gone,
I tried to tell you your decision was wrong,

Now am standing here just as sketchy,
Thinking of reasons why you left me.

Line 2
You phoned me up 3 days later,
Telling me, that I was the traitor,
With your false Accusations why I was gone,
I was away on business, your reasons were wrong.

Line 3
You came back, a week later,
I couldn’t take it,
You were the traitor,

I closed this song in my failing,
To take you back,
We couldn’t make it.

Please pull it apart and say what you think
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