Im about to buy a used telecaster from someone on craigslist and im going to check it out. I just wanted to know if there are any markings or anything on the body of the guitar that can tell me if it is an actual fender and not a squier. I know how to read the serial number (kinda) on the headstock but how do i tell if the person just put a fender neck on a squier tele body

Thanks for your help
On American made strats i know for sure the bridges are marked fender. Im not sure if this is true with MIM's or telecasters. Also another good reference are the knobs. If you can compare them to a guitar that you know is all fender then the fender ones should look more angular, while squiers in comparison have more rounded out knobs that just look cheaper I geuss. Although it is unlikely someone would do this in the first place.
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i guess i should have put this on the first post but it is a Made in Mexico Tele
1. Check the name on the headstock.
2. Check the name on the bolt on neck.
3. like he said the knobs.
4. If it looks like someone is trying to hide the identity of the guitar then they probably are.
That's also not always true about the bridge mine is MIA it's a 2005 deluxe and it has no marking on the bridge. Just compare pictures best you can and if anything looks off shy away from it.
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i guess i should have put this on the first post but it is a Made in Mexico Tele

Most(cheaper ones at least) Squiers are made overseas. Bangladesh, Vietnam, China etc.