Hey UG, I recently bought a new 2008 MIM strat. The finish is really nice and I don't want anything to happen to it. Its been unusually cold here lately (I mean the weather of course) and I'm gonna be walking to my lesson tomorrow. Its gonna take about 15-20 mins to get to my lesson and the temperature is going to be about -2 or somewhere around that. I've heard that if a guitar is brought from cold into a heated building straight away, it causes "checking" and cracks in the finish. Do you guys think there would be any risk of it happening to my strat?
put it in a case with a hot-water bottle
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since its a mim strat it has a polyurethane finish, which unlike a nitro finish, it will not check. But -2 is pretty cold compared to what i deal with, so im not really sure. just try to keep it as warm as possible.
I don't have a hard case but I have the one that came with it. Its got a lot of padding in it.
no thats only in the most extreme differences.. for example 27 degrees C to -7 degrees C will definately do something. Nothing will happen
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Its fine man. Cool air does not transfer to your guitar quickly enough to cause cracking especially if you have a case. If you dunked it in liquid nitrogen the cooling rate might be an issue ; )
Well if you're going to be in a car/public transportation, I wouldn't worry.

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I doubt it.

Just to be sure, let your guitar sit in its case for a bit before you open it inside to make sure it has adjusted to room temp and won't get a sudden change. If this means leaving 5-10 min. early, i'd probably do it to be safe.