I'm trying to record some bass with my X3 Live, the recordings sound good except I can hear crackles on the recording, I tried using Reaper and Audacity, with Reaper there were less crackles but they are still noticable. I'am new to recording so I might be missing something simple, Does anyone who has recorded with an X3 Live know how I can fix this? any help would be great.
Is the recording clipping? How does the X3 live connect to your computer, because I didn't think that was an audio interface.
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it connects with a USB cable, and I think I installed all the necessary drivers.
I'm not sure if there is a light on the x3 live for this but on the pod x3 there is a light that pops up when the signal begins to clip.

I've also heard that it helps to have a dedicated USB interface for the pod. I would check on the latency and buffer size too. (I have no idea if any of this will change anything but its worth a look, eh? :P )
whats a good latency and buffer size? my deafults are 1200ms for buffer and 200ms for latency.
mabey my sound card can't handle it. I installed all the line 6 software so the software shouldn't be the problem.
i record with a pod X3 in my opinion those programs arentt the best for multi recording stuff u could go with adobe audtion if u dont got dat much cash go with that u could find hacked versions of it on the net or get from me lol its great for recording and editing it has a great wave editor on it if u find ur stuff clipping and distorting i love using it
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