my band is looking to start using stacks at gigs and whatnot. we're on a tight budget however, say about 400-600$.

so far ive been browsing the guitar center web site and i found a few in my price range and was wondering how well they would do at a show.

BTW, we play deathcore/metalcore/hardcore think like carnifex, and me and my guitarist both have EMG 81/85 combos in our guitars.

so this one says it has vintage 30's which get a good rep around here but how would they hold up with a peavey valveking head?


and then i found this one which is muchhh cheaper, which is better in our case but i don't wanna sacrifice tone for cheaping out.


and we also have 2 other cabs which happen to be 1960 Marshall JCM 4x12 B Cabs and we will be using the marshall under either of thesse amps.

so let me know what you guys think
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go for an avatar cabinet, much higher build quality for the price range.



get 2 2x12's as opposed to a half stack. it'll be easier for everyone lol i regret getting my 4x12 because of its size already and i didnt even get my head yet!

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I would look for something used.
I recently got a new cab for $300 used,
and i love it, the only flaw was a big rip in the tolex
on the bottom, which is nothing some duct-tape can't fix.

I would go for the Peavey in your situation, higher wattage-rating,
Blue Marvels, much cheaper, you would have extra money left over.

i +1 Avatars aswell, look into them.