I'm looking with an amp with a damn good clean channel, and a dirtier channel that sounds great for power chords/etc. For my solo tones I already have pedals to take care of that. Should be able to get loud too.

Price range of 0.00 -- $400.00 (maybe a little over if it's that good.)
^That's descent for the price
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go for any crate, i have the gt 212, and its a good simple amp with reverb, and 3 channels, clean, rhythm, and solo, the shape in the solo is awesome, it goes from punchy rock/punk riffs to the good heavy strong metal, and comes with a pedal to switch from channels, i got it for 450 i think, 120 watts is good, or check out their heads and stacks they are cheap and pack a punch.
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I see tons of people talk about this all the time on this forum, is it some sort of godsend of tube amps for the price?

If this is the only good thing for it's price, then it's certainly an upgrade from a Spider III. Any better ideas?