I've always like the sound of 'em, that nice treble-enforced tone that asserts my voice and harmonica...and I look like Bob Dylan lol

Anyways just give me some suggestions for a good, sturdy 00 guitar hopefully under 700 bucks cause cash is low, my friends!
I know it isn't what you want because it is $949, but if you decide to save up a little more cash, I can highly recommend the Martin 00-15. I am buying it's brother when I finally save up enough, the Martin 000-15, and played the 00 when I was searching for my guitar and enjoyed it IMMENSELY. But then I tried out the 000, and the extra bass that it had without overshadowing the trebles was too much for me to pass up...but if you decide to save some extra cash, you should really think about the 00-15.

Sorry for not listing anything in your price range, but I can't personally recommend any other.