i have a J&D les paul copy and i want to change the pickups, i want some good pickups for metal that are good in dropped tunings, im not too sure on what i want but i have been looking at the seymour duncan distortion sh-6, tb-6 pickups. so if you have any suggestions that would be good cheers. im looking for active or passive pickups
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dimarzio super distortion
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Ive heard good things about the super distortions for certain applications ( I think).

I've mostly heard bad things about blackouts as far as i can recall.
my main guitar is a shecter hellraiser c1-fr with emg 91tw,89s and the guitar i want to change is the J&D les paul copy, i want to get some good pickups for metal on this guitar so i dont have to go through the bother of fiddeling about with my floyd rose on the schecter every time i tune it down. my amp is the bugera 6262.
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If you have the money, Seymour Duncan Blackouts or Bareknuckle Nailbombs would be ideal, except they're pricey.

Dimarzio X2N, Seymour Duncan Distortion or a Gibson 500T would be good in the bridge; all very good quality, high-output pickups.

For neck, just chuck a Dimarzio Breed or a Seymour Duncan Jazz in there.
Very good, well rounded pickups.
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EMG-81/60 (bridge/neck) or EMG-81/85 (bridge/neck).

It all depends on if you want good cleans, too.
If yes, get 81/60.
I prefer the 60 to the 85, but lots of people like the 85.
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