Hello, I've been trying to find Fender squiers online and I'm trying to find the best deal so what would be the best place to buy from online?
Probably Musician's Friend. There's no such thing as a deal on Ebay now days, because anything you would look up is being checked by a dozen other people and they're prepared to snipe it from under you and at the least jack up the price until it's no longer a bargain. Your best bet is to stick to buying retail.

If you're set on trying to get a deal, check Craigslist and your newspaper for ads around your area, but be prepared to talk them down in price. A lot of kids think their used instruments should be sold for retail minus something like twenty bucks. Sometimes they assume the buyer will be so ignorant that they'll pay more than they could have ordered from MF. On the other hand, if you fail to research the instrument you're buying and it's actual value then you deserve to get ripped off.

Avoid pawn shops, they are run by guys that know nothing about instruments. On top of this, they don't understand the value of things, and will price a VCR over a decade old for more than a brand new DVD player at Walmart. There are a lot of good stories about treasures discovered in them, but they're disproportionate to the number of kids out there getting ripped off some $200-$300 for an old beat up Ibanez junker with half blown pickups and doesn't stay in tune.
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I've no doubt the above post is informative and helpful, if you happen to live in the US. If not, state your location and hopefully someday from that area will help you out.