I have a line 6 4x12 cab here for a spider 3 150 watt head and a mesa dual rectifier. I am trying to decide if there would be any real advantage to just tossing some V30s in that cab instead of paying for an overpriced cab with v30s already in it and just add the speakers and some casters on it. Is the construction of say a mesa or marshall cab really worth the price over just getting some new speakers? The speakers should have enough air space in the line 6.
Yeah, unsealed joints, thin plywood, crappy materials etc. that you'd find in a low-end cab
can really make a significant difference.

If you're gonna be loading 460 dollars worth of speaker into a new cab, you may as well
spend another couple hundred to buy a better built cab.
And I know that alot of companies will sell a cab and the speakers will be cheaper than
they would be retail because they can afford to since they buy in such bulk.
Ex, a 4x12 Avatar cab with no speakers in it is 299, but with v30's its 479, which is obviously saving alot on speakers (indirectly anyways), and it costs about as much as loading new v30's in your amp anyways.

You could also go with a new 2x12, it'd probably cost the same as just loading new speakers into your line 6, it'd sound better, and it'd be maybe 3-5 decibels quieter than a 4x12 (which is a barely audible amount)

But yeah, as I suggested above, I'd go with an Avatar cab, they're real cheap and real well built.

Unless you're willing to go with a 2x12 Orange cab which is 500-600 which is REAL
high quality (still v30's though), but if you want to stick with 412's, and don't want to spend another couple hundred dollars, then yeah I'd say an Avatar.
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Sell the Line 6 cab and go for a used Mesa Recto cab.

I find the mesa cabs to be to bassy. Honestly if it is just sealed joints and what not I could easily fiberglass resin the whole inside of the box. Thats what we do for pro SPL boxes in car audio. I just hate to waste a perfectly good cab if I can just use it but I guess maybe I should just get something else. Are there any other speakers that are worth looking into that are a bit cheaper than the V30s but are as good? I have a backround in pro car audio and home theater installation so any technical info on what to look for in a guitar speaker would be great.