There's a certain effect that I've heard in a number of songs that I'm really into. The clearest example I can think of is in the lead guitar of "Make it Wit Chu" by Queens of the Stone Age.

You can listen to it here...


It sounds like some kind of fuzz pedal but not like any of the fuzz pedals I've heard.

Any ideas?
Hollow body guitar
Light gain
Slight pinch-harmonics
Heavy attack

That's about all I can hear. You might not think the "hollow body guitar" part matters but they do have a very distinctive sound.
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Thanks for the advice.

Maybe it is the hollow body that does it because I can't seem to get it on my guitar.

It's difficult to describe the sound I'm talking about. Like a muffled "honking" sound. You can also hear a bit of it in George Thorogood's "Who do You Love" usually when he's doing the heavy attack on the strings like you said.
That sounds like there's a bit of envelope filter or wah going on there.
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