Does anyone by any chance know how to change strings on this guitar? I can't find information anywhere! any help would be appreciated.
The same way you would any other guitar with a TOM bridge and a string through body. Unwind the strings off the post then pull it through the body, be careful to not scratch the paint.
You could do it the way I first did it on a super crap guitar, grab a sharp knife and aim for the area between the pick-ups and hit it hard enough to cut all the strings at once. Make sure you don't let yourself get hit with strings, you'll get cut, as the scar under my eye will attest. .......I take no responsibility for you getting hurt if you're also stupid enough to do this.

The Warbeast One is the low end one right?
TOM's are one of the easiest off all bridge-types to restring.

Unwind the string, feed it out through the ferrules behind the bridge, insert new ones, feed throug the tuning peg and turn. Easy.

If your woried about scratching the paint you can unwind the string, feed enough through to get the saddle of the string (The little hoop thing) out and snip it, then pull out the string without having to deal with the messed up curly end.