Is the DS-1 good or is it crap? I know Satch uses one but I have seen other reviews that are good and bad.
Satch used one - he now uses the Vox Satchurator.

I don't really like the DS-1 personally, but give it a try if you can and form your own opinion about it.
There's nothing like it when you run one into a Fender tube amp, especially with single coils. Otherwise, it's just a boring average distortion.
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From my personal use, I don't find it to be all that great. The stock version (I find) kind of just gives a nasty and thin tone. If you get it modded it can sound much better.

It's really easy to use, and for the price it's not really bad at all. I personally would choose something else, though
i dont think it sounds very good at all. ever.
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Yeah, a lot of it I think depends on your other gear. I think for the price it's a pretty decent box and i've used mine quite alot.
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If you play classic rock I guess it's OK. I don't like how crunchy it is. It almost sounds like an overdrive, so I hate it.
+1 acousticslayer

look up keeley DS-1 I'm not positive but I'd bet thats what satch used.

you can send a DS-1 (or just get one of his) to Robert Keeley and he'll do some sort of mod to it and I'd bet that a Keeley ds-1 is a lot better than the standard one
Well, it's not that good stock. But fortunately, it's fairly priced.
If you don't plan on modding it, I say save up a bit, but if you don't mind modding... go for it.
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looking at your amp, it wont sound better than any model on there, it'll probably sound the same as the classic stack. It does not sound good at all with single coils and my vox, but with a humbucker equipped guitar it sounds like a JCM800 through my amp, even though the vox has a JCM800, i find it a little nasally. The DS-1 only has one good tone setting when its not too dull or too nasally, which is pretty generic.
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