I have a big problem. I have been playing for a few years and im happy with my playing everywhere except i have reached a point where i just cannot pick any faster without locking up or losing control.

I have been practicing things to a metronome first i tried just gradually moving up speed. then playing a long time at 50% speed and then moving up. Iva analyzed everything i can with my picking but i cant move it past 200bpm in common time playing 8th notes

I was just wondering if anyone else hit such a rut and how you got out of it. I think maybe there is a problem with the way i hold the pick or my wrist motion. i dont know.
I hold the pick between my thumb and the side of my index finger. I dont know what else to say im just looking for a little advice from someone who has gone through the same thing
was about to post same thing. . .
Sorryz for me bad engrish.

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Keep at 50%. Try incorporating 16th. The advance in time may help. Once you nail that, go back to your 8th notes and the faster tempo.
ok i think i should add that its not striahgt picking like chromatic stuff that messes me up, but its the changing strings and inside and outside picking at fast speeds that screws everything up