does anyone have any?

i setup a simple chord progression on jamstudio.com, get in key and try pentatonic stuff, but i always freeze up and end up playing at like 1 note per beat and not going anywhere. it's like i have no inspiration, but improvising and soloing is probably the one thing i really want to get good at. thanx in advance
Learn some Hendrix or Jimmy Page type Blues Licks, that ought to start you off
Keep practicing. Everyone's improvisation is lame at first. You'll build up a bank of stock phrases as you go along.

Do you know any theory? I suggest learning the theory behind the major scale and it's harmony. Then go from there.

Also, follow the chords.

Look up Marty Friedman's Melodic Control.
i know tons of theory, i just can't apply it to soloing for some reason. but thanx for the video, i have to check that out